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How to develop your Franchise brand?


Franchise Development is a process to grow your brand into a national concept that has stages of goals to complete.

We can grow your brand, implementing the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), strategic planning, leadership, management structure, operational support and financial governance. You need a team to build your brand.

Our team working with you (the founders) will build a blue print for a strong foundation and a long term successful franchise brand. 


Is your existing business exceeding your expectations? Are you thinking its time to put in the energy to grow your emerging brand, lets talk about scaling your concept into a franchise.


Your Mission: 

Clearly articulate your brand values, mission, and unique selling proposition (USP) to help you stand out from the competition. Finding a niche in any competitive industry is challenging, but with the right strategy you can position your brand for growth and success. 

Your Playbook:

Create an easy scalable business is vital to growing an emerging brand. Before you begin franchising establish a playbook for your brand. Create the SOP manual for new owners that outlines your proprietary system. Your procedures need to include everything from recipes to customer service protocol. The playbook for your brand will establish the infrastructure you need to seamlessly add new locations.


Your Technology:

Technology will help emerging brands improve consistency, ease of training, control inventory and costs. We use use cell phone location data, geotargeting and cotenant retail drivers to understand your customer profile to determine the best real estate to grow in a new market.


Your Team:

Your development team needs to add the right franchise partners for the integrity of your brand and understand controlled growth with strict ADA development time lines. Feedback from your franchisees will help to improve your procedures as you grow, they are family now.


Your Marketing

A national and local marketing plan will be key in your emerging brands growth in new territory . Start the process early and create buzz about a new location as soon as you have a new franchisee signed.  Social media is the tool for building brand awareness and engaging the local consumer. 

Please read more about our firm as well as franchising resources we have gathered from other industry experts.

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